Lauren Harper Collection


"It is the juxtaposition of FEMININITY and FIERCENESS that breathes life into this collection, giving it a completely distinctive sensibility.  Lauren takes the simplest of elements, the strength of a rock, the geometric edges of a building's form, the trusses of a bridge, and transforms them with the softness of her design touch.  What emerges is a piece of jewelry that has never been done before."

Having three daughters has shaped nearly everything about how Lauren approaches the world. After all, shaping the future of three little minds is no small task, and has had a profound impact on how she approaches her work. She believes that instilling a deep sense of independence in her daughters is the greatest gift she can give them.

So naturally, everything about Lauren’s collection exudes strength, passion and a touch of fierceness, which is exactly how she sees her clients, and what she encourages in her daughters.

But it is more than just independence that drives Lauren. She believes that there is an enormous amount of unleashed power in girls and women, and her designs reflect that. The collection is rooted in femininity, but does not end there.  Women gravitate to her collection because it appeals to both their goddess side, as well as their modern warrior side. It is the connection between femininity and strength that breathes life into the jewelry, giving it a completely unique sensibility.

“What you choose to adorn yourself with helps
define who you are to the world.”

Putting on one of Lauren’s edgy, yet feminine pieces of jewelry is like putting on a crown. It gives you power. It says, “I’m beautiful, but wholeheartedly different.  I’m feminine but confident. I make my own choices and I make my own success.”

“Wanderlust and an understanding of history
are essential to great design.”

If you want to create truly original design, you must look for inspiration outside the world of jewelry and beyond the realm of what is “on-trend”.  Lauren believes that the “sea of sameness” that pervades the fashion business is a result of looking at what is “current” for inspiration. 

Instead, Lauren draws on art history, period fashion, and the things she sees while quenching her wanderlust, for inspiration. She believes her ability to interpret the tiniest unearthed details in the world at large are what give her a design edge. For Lauren, the roof patterns in a Cambodian ruin, the fringe of a flapper dress, or the tribal markings on a Namibia mask may awaken an unearthed design…  These varied inputs allow the collection to blend together elements in an unexpected and “never been done before” way.

If you have a similar love of travel, you will notice influences in the collection from recent trips to Africa, Cambodia, India, and Thailand. And an upcoming collection will be heavily rooted in Mayan ruins.

Making good on success...

Lauren believes in paying it forward.  Her recent travels and success have awakened the warrior in her, and she is incredibly proud of her recent partnership with an organization called Girl Rising.  Lauren believes that educating girls is the single most important key to a more peaceful and just world.  Research and recent history shows that if you educate one girl, her whole community benefits.  Educated girls take their knowledge and pass it on to their peers.  They start businesses of their own, have fewer children, and have longer life expectancies.  In return, they have more stable and successful communities.  A portion of Lauren Harper Collection sales goes to support Girl Rising, a non-profit organization that focuses funds and efforts on broadening opportunities to educate girls worldwide.  Stay tuned as this exciting partnership develops.

A word about the jewelry…

Lauren is incredibly proud of the team of talented goldsmiths she employs to make her designs come to life every day.   Each stone is individually cut like an intricate puzzle piece that fits together with handmade 18kt Gold forms.  A custom alloy of warm blonde gold is used in combination with an ultra-fine sand blasting technique, giving the jewelry a flattering and wearable tone.  Lauren’s team approaches the creation of each new piece as if they are creating a work of timeless art.