Inspiration in Jewelry

Having three daughters has shaped nearly everything about how Lauren approaches the world.  After all, shaping the future of three little minds is no small task, and has had a profound impact on how she approaches her work.  She believes that instilling a deep sense of independence in her daughters is the greatest gift she can give them.

So naturally, everything about Lauren’s collection exudes strength, passion and a touch of fierceness, which is exactly how she sees her clients, and what she encourages in her daughters. 

But it is more than just independence that drives Lauren.  She believes that there is an enormous amount of unleashed power in girls and women, and her designs reflect that.  The collection is rooted in femininity, but does not end there.  Women gravitate to her collection because it appeals to both their goddess side, as well as their modern warrior side.   It is the connection between femininity and strength that breathes life into the jewelry, giving it a completely unique sensibility.